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A one-day training programme on capacity building on dairy farm management & practices for farmers was conducted by ATMA, Kohima at Nagaland State Dairy Farm Kohima on the 16thJuly 2021 with Farm manager, SCBF, Lerie, Dr. Ketholelie Mere as the resource person.

The programme started with a technical session where the resource person mentioned about the dairy farm complex and dairy farm practices. General practices like maintenance of identification, bedding, and exercising, dehorning, castration, grooming, weighing, deworming and deticking were introduced. These practices are maintained at the dairy farm on a regular basis and also these practices help in the growth of dairy farms. Identification of dairy animals is important because it helps to know the history performance.

Different methods of identification were also demonstrated that were branding, tagging, photography, electronic tags. Daily exercise makes animals healthy and active. It also helps in maintaining metabolic process. For provision of comfortable environment during all seasons, bedding material to the animals should be provided and dehorning of animals are to be done to get rid of useless horns. Castration is done after 1 year old. Practices like grooming helps in removing of waste products like loose hairs, skin parasites from hair, reduce stress levels of animals; weighing is necessary to know the feed intake and drug dosage of animals; deworming is done to remove the internal gastro parasites and deticking is performed to get rid of external parasites like ticks, mites, lice from animal bodies.

The technical session concluded with a good interactive session from trainees. Later on, the trainees were given a tour to the dairy farm for practical demonstration by Pedenuo Shuya, Wonchibeni Ezung, Lejao Konyak & Khrietseimenuo Chadi.

The training program had a turnout of 30 progressive farmers from Kohima district and ATMA staff. The programme was chaired by Dy.PD ATMA Kohima, Rokoshuno Angela.