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Profile of Kiphire District ( Land of Land of Minerals )

1. Town Altitude 896m above sea level
2. Recognised Villages 91 Villages
3. Major Crops Rice, Maize, Kholar, Soy bean
4. Important Festivals Mongmong, Metemne
5. Major and Important Rivers Züngki, Thsüngaki


Administrative HQ


1. DC's Office Kiphire
2. ADC's Office Seyochung, Pungro
3. SDO(C) Office  
4. EAC Headquarters Sitimi, Longmatra, Kiusam, Amahator, Khonsa


Educational Institutions


1. Govt. Colleges 1
2. Govt. Primary,Middle,High Schools 8
3. Govt. Recognised Private Schools 0
4. Govt. Recognised Private Colleges 0


Tourist Attractions and Historical Places


1. Mount Saramati
2. Taimuphu (Waphur Village)
3. Tongkhin (Anatanger Village)
4. Likhimro Hydro Project.

State Level Function of the 74th Republic Day, Civil Secretariat, Kohima