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The first edition of men’s volleyball running tournament 2021 got underway at Longsa Village, Wokha on 24th November 2021 under the theme “Smash Injustice”, organised by Falcon Club.

Executive Engineer (Electrical/Power) Wokha, Er. Chonronthung Ezung graced the opening ceremony of the tournament as the special guest, he said that sports is one of the greatest entertainment which presents an ostensibly competitive event with the purpose of entertaining an audience and added that sports has many benefits, improves physical fitness, teaches important skill and increases the value of teamwork, fairness, equality, perseverance and respect, above all it also teaches an individual to be more discipline in life and be a responsible citizen.

Ezung said young people participating in this event should also exhibit their discipline and treating other fellow players well and obey the rules and accept the winning and losing graciously.

While thanking the Longsa village for organising the tournament, he said that in the past decades this particular village has produced many outstanding sportsmen in different disciplines representing the district as well as the State of Nagaland, where he urged the village to do their best to revive those glorious days, and being the host village he also urged to exhibit hospitality so that all the villagers, colonies and clubs participating in the tournament will have a memorable stay during the event.

Altogether 10 teams from different villages, colonies and clubs are taking part in the week-long tournament. The organiser also informed that players will be selected during this tournament to represent the district in the state level tournament.


(DPRO & IA, Wokha)