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The publicity branch of the Govt. was re-organised into a full fledged Directorate in Aug. 1963, three months before Nagaland attained its statehood. Earlier known as Information & Publicity, it was renamed as Information & Public Relations in 1984 to give it a wider scope and greater area of functions. The Department is committed to the task of providing responsive, value based information to the people and the media in its ultimate endeavour to serve the public; to establish favourable attitudes and responses to the government on the part of the general public or special groups; including analyses of attitudes, appraisal of procedures and policies and presentation of the government’s purposes and objectives to the people.


The activities of the department are centered on information’s relating to Govt. policies and development programmes, thereby spreading awareness through various means of communication, including the electronic media, print media and films. It acts as the nodal agency of the Govt. to disseminate information to the Print and Electronic media. The Department is further dedicated to the cause of better understanding between the government and the people and between the government and the media- translating into reality the theory of accountability and transparency, an essential criterion of good governance.