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Deputy Commissioner Peren & Chairman DTF, Sentiwapang Aier, NCS has informed that the ongoing lockdown in the district has been extended till 30th June, 2021 and all such activities restricted/permitted as per the order shall continue to be operative with the following additional directives till further order.

  1. Permitted shops and business establishments shall be allowed to be open between 06:00 AM to 02:00 PM from 19th June, 2021.
  2. There will be total restriction of movement of individual/vehicle from 4:00 PM to 5:00 AM daily, across the district except for reasons/purposes specified and for those who are permitted to move as per the existing lockdown measures.
  3. All the passenger taxi/auto will be allowed to ply only after obtaining permit with valid reason DTF/SDTF and with strict observance of guidelines/SOP issued by the Government.
  4. SDTF/DTF shall ensure the strict enforcement of guidelines/SOP/measures issued by the Government.

(DPRO Peren)

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